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Why Tri-space?

Advantages of using Tri-space concepts and methods in quantum theory and the theory of condensed matter

Briefly, what is the Tri-space theory?

- Tri-space is a major physical theory, involving NEW physical concepts and associated mathematical methods for theoretical (quantum) physics. It is based on the idea of inter-connecting metrical manifolds - but don’t worry; most of the necessary maths. is already familiar in physics.

Why should you read about the Tri-space theory? Answers

Can you afford to miss out? Every item on that list is justified in detail in my book presenting the Tri-space theory (Part 1).

The only place where you can read about any of these developments is in 'The multi-metric theory of space, time and condensed matter - solids, liquids and glasses' by Robert T. Herrod. Reserve your copy here Guest book.

Also, why not enrol for one of the short courses offered here at the Tri-space Laboratory? (see Course list )

When and why was the Tri-space theory developed?

- First suggested in 1997, to explain universal quant-isation and to facilitate our understanding of hadrons and the nuclear forces, the development continues today.

The complete theory includes a NEW basis for describing all of the elementary particles, their symmetries and internal properties, and the fundamental forces between them (to appear in Part 2).

Who paid for the development of the Tri-space theory?
- I did, because nobody else would.

Robert Herrod
Örkelljunga, Sweden, November 2017

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