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Suggested courses at the Tri-space Laboratory

1—Introduction to the multi-metric theory of 'Tri-space'

Tri-space and special relativity — and what was wrong.

Why quantum mechanics works and the origin of quantisation in nature.

How time works and the fate of Schrödinger’s cat.

What was missing in quantum mechanics (the theory of drivers).

Laws of the Tri-space theory and the basis of thermo-dynamics.

2—The Tri-space description of condensed matter — solids, liquids and glasses

Equivalence of the quantum mechanical and Tri-space descriptions of crystalline (structured) solids.

Rotation and inertia.

Partial separation of driven metric spaces and the theory of the liquid state.

Calculating the properties of real liquids.

Phase transitions in a multi-metric.

Glasses and other applications of partially-separated metric spaces.

3—Angular momentum in the Tri-space multi-metric

Angular momentum in real space.

Composite angular momentum in space-time.

Properties of n-spinors.

Internal wave functions.

Angular momentum in modal space — the structure of electric charge.

4—Lagrangian mechanics and quantum theory in Tri-space

The action principle in Tri-space and Euler-Lagrange equations on a multi-metric.

Conserved, full-vector currents.

Lagrangian density functions for particles and matter.

Electromagnetic coupling terms.

Incorporating general relativity (thus completing it).

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