The Tri-space Laboratory

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Why you should read about the Tri-space theory

- You should read about the multi-metric theory of space, time and condensed matter (Tri-space) because it:

1.Explains the differences between proper length and time intervals (not just √-1 as in special relativity), yet it is consistent with electromagnetic theory and with general relativity as the theory of universal gravitation

2.Explains the origin of mass and how time works, in a quantum theory, making causal history (although this mechanism is not yet directly tested by experiment)

3.Describes quantum measurement in detail, resolving the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat. Quantum mechanics is derived from a proper, fundamental theory, extending the method in many areas.

4.Is based on a clear, consistent set of fundamental laws and concepts (with no supplementary rules)

5.Explains how and why and when quantisation occurs in nature and underpins the thermodynamic laws

6.Allows the explicit description of objects with any integer or half-integer spin (not using group theory)

7.Is otherwise consistent with quantum mechanics, in the description of atoms, molecules and the crystalline, solid state

8.Determines the distributions of inertial mass and angular momentum (spin), within bound states

9.Provides a natural description of rotating, or oscillating composite matter (no external quantisation rules are required)

10.Provides a proper description of the liquid state of matter (on the same footing as the crystalline, solid state - with not much random about it)

11.Provides a theoretical basis for understanding the glass state (which is intimately related to liquids)

12.Provides a plausible description of the particles responsible for high temperature superconductivity, as an example of locally-anisotrpic condensed matter.

This list can only become longer, as new applications of the theory are developed.


Robert Herrod
Örkelljunga, Sweden, November 2017

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